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European Churches and Cathedrals

When Rome adopted Christianity as their religion, it spread throughout all the areas controlled by the Roman Empire. Italy, Austria, France, Spain and England are home to many historic churches. Some were built of wood and have since crumbled to ruins. The administrative churches, Cathedrals, were the home churches of bishops running the many different dioceses of the church. These buildings were often constructed of stone and marble. Many remain intact and open for tourism today.

There are a number of famous cathedrals that can be visited. While most are free of charge to enter, there are a few that charge a fee. Many famous cathedrals now have collection boxes available for tourists that wish to make a donation to help with upkeep of the building and grounds. These donations are voluntary. There are Catholic cathedrals and churches all over the world, but many of the most historically famous are located on the European continent.