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Teaching History through Church Tourism

It is often difficult for children to understand history as a series of events that happened to real people, so they are sometimes taken to...

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Famous Churches and Cathedrals in England

There are a large number of churches and cathedrals in England. London boasts the beautiful St. Paul's Cathedral. The first church originally built on this...

Cathedrals & Churches

European Churches and Cathedrals

When Rome adopted Christianity as their religion, it spread throughout all the areas controlled by the Roman Empire. Italy, Austria, France, Spain and England are...

Cathedrals & Churches

Famous Cathedrals in Italy

When people think of historic Cathedrals in Italy, they often think of Rome. While it is surrounded by the Rome, Vatican City is actually a...

Many people that love history have found it is closely related to religion in many societies. When they get the chance, they take tours of the places they have studied. Many of these tours are in churches and cathedrals that have stood for hundreds of years. Some of them are mere ruins of their former glory. Other churches have been kept repaired and are still in use today. Touring churches is a way to truly experience history.

Historically, churches were a major part of their local community. Many were gathering places for worship and news. The local priest or minister was often the only literate person in many areas for centuries. They were an important part of helping people live their lives. Some were responsible for more than religious ceremonies. They would consult with local government leaders to help control the population as well as advising people on matters of importance.